Webcast Services

Essentially, webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet. A webcast uses streaming media technology to take a single content source and distribute it to many simultaneous listeners/viewers.

Webcast events can be delivered live or on demand.

Presentation Services

Wordstream provides with a presentation tool wherein a person can just log into an ongoing presentation and be a part of the discussion.

Encoding Services

Converting information from one format or code to another, for the purposes of standardization, speed, secrecy, security, or saving space by shrinking size.

Rich Media Hosting

Quality media content once created needs to be hosted in a safe and secure environment to get the best use out of online media efforts. Wordstream offers dedicated servers to maximize the speed and quality of your digital content while keeping the cost and complexity of the solutions to the basic minimum.

Our hosting solutions cover Windows Media, Real Media, Quicktime media and Flash media.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing or ‘visual collaboration’ is a tool that provides a virtual meeting platform giving most benefits of real meetings.

When the key is dialogue, then audio and web conferencing is what you need. So if you can't get the board together in person, or you're negotiating a complex deal with a group of partners, conferencing may be the option for you.

The meeting can be set up in only a few minutes,promotes frequent and effective communication.

Mobile Streaming

Mobile streaming has tremendous applications, streaming the media content directly on the user's hand held device provides us with unforeseen location indepecdence.

Healthcare and Life Science

Through continuing medical education webcasts, doctors and pharmaceutical professionals can stay informed. It helps educate medical professionals on new procedures, medical practices or pharmaceutical developments. Also reduces the cost of training while extending the reach of important information.

Corporate Communication

Corporate communication: No medium matches the reach and efficiency of the online medium when it comes to delivering any communication to the company stakeholders. Webcasts have emerged as an indispensible part of any company’s corporate communication strategy.

A live broadcast or an archived event can be arranged for Depatmental announcements, project updates, AGM’s and quarterly meets and also for media briefings.

Continuing Education

Students in an online learning programs can reap the benefits of streaming media while avoiding many of the common frustrations associated with audio, video, and other forms of media on the Web.

E-learning is naturally suited to distance learning and flexible learning, but can also be used in conjunction with face-to-face teaching. The plug in usually starts by buffering the media file (that's storing up some of the file in advance).


Whether you're an online or traditional publisher reaching an audience to grow relationships or transactions, Wordstream has a solution for you. Our team consists of webcasting experts who understand the publishing industry.

It delivers added value content which is interactive , increases readership and measures ROI by building loyalty among readers and advertisers.

Demand Generation

Streaming ensures greater demand generation as it facilitates engaging the audience and explaining the product and ensuring a prompt reply.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is used for many different purposes and various applications are public information, advertising, internal information , brand building , influencing customer behaviour ,enhancing customer experiencing and the environment.


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Communications, Convergence, Control

Communicate globally, share information, present solutions without travelling.

Wordstream enables you to do all of this and more! Providing end-to-end solutions in streaming media we begin with the A,B,C … of streaming and take you beyond. Corporate events, Trainings, Workshops, Distance Learning, Sales presentations, Intelligence & Knowledge Sharing sessions and Stake-holder updates are just a few areas where you can use our expertise and experience.

Wordstream is a leader in providing back-end services, consulting and system integration for several companies like the Aditya Birla Group, SBI, Bharti, Raymond etc. and has several innovations to its credit. We have teamed up with congruent professionals wanting to provide the very best technical solutions in the field of media streaming with a stamp of excellence.




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