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Wordstream is a leader in webcasting and virtual events, providing a range of innovative solutions for applications such as demand generation, conferences and events, product launches, professional development, internal communications and executive announcements. Some of its clients include industry bigwigs like Cisco Webex, Aditya Birla Group, SBI, Infosys, Wipro, Oracle, Tata Tea, Honeywell, Bharti etc. Microsoft acknowledges Wordstream as its Trusted Partner in providing solutions for Windows Media Services.

Events Specialists

Wordstream is committed to providing industry-leading webcasting, lead generation and virtual events solutions that meet the performance, value and reliability requirements of businesses of all types and sizes. Our focus is on the entire gamut and vast dimensions of our product offering. As a result, it provides a full portfolio of products, solutions and services for internal and external communications.

Our Solutions

Wordstream's products are much more than a technology platform. The value Wordstream brings to webcasting and virtual events is a unique ‘all-solutions’ approach — making it THE Virtual Events Provider of choice for some of the world's most demanding, exacting and quality conscious organizations. More than 400 organizations from a wide spectrum of fields starting from publishing, technology, life sciences, government and financial services to FMCG’s, rely on Wordstream for their end-to-end webcasting and virtual event initiatives.

  • Conferences and events
  • Product launches
  • Executive announcements
  • Financial road shows
  • Corporate, Human Resources & Marketing Communications
  • Training
  • Sales lead generation
  • Investor relations
  • Continuing education
  • Digital Signage

The Encast platform comprises web-based tools used for the development and production of customizable webcasts and virtual events. Windows Media, Real Networks and Adobe Flash are used for encoding and streaming live and on-demand media. Flawless execution is required for the types of events for which Encast systems are typically used. Wordstream has implemented a number of measures, such as redundant servers, to ensure reliability. Due to its vast experience of handling events & providing solutions, it has a Knowledge Base which is regularly updated & expanded with resolved issues. Wordstream's professionals have an elaborate trouble shooting mechanism that has the ability to react immediately and positively with creative solutions in any of those rare instances when customers spot any discrepancies that may affect their viewing audiences.

Wordstream has the best-in-class service offering: Professional Services consulting comprised of a team of seasoned event managers, Full production capabilities, Signal acquisition, Hosting, encoding and distribution, Graphics and animation creation, Template building and customization

  • Professional Services consulting
  • Hosting
  • Encoding and Distribution
  • Graphics and animation creation
  • Full production capabilities
  • Template building and customization